Health Insurance in Thailand

Health Insurance
(Annual Premium rates depend on your age, premiums are adjusted annually with inflation and rise as you get older.);
1. Health insurance guarantees that you receive emergency medical treatment when you are unable to communicate or unconscious. Insurance premiums spread out your medical expenses over a longer period in your life so Health-care in your later years, becomes more affordable in cases if you are critically ill.
2. International plans for worldwide “On-the-move” expatriates.
3. International plans for residents of Thailand.
4. Policies can include a deductible to reduce premiums. This means, you pay up to the first 100 to 1,000 USD, after which the insurance company pays everything.
5. Inexpensive polices can include co-payment to reduce premiums. You will be responsible for 20% of the medical expenses beyond basic limits.
6. Annual policy limits range from 100,000 Baht up to 2 Million USD.
7. A choice of guaranteed renewals at published rates for international health insurance or reduced premiums without guarantees on premium increases.
8. As you become older, the choice of insurance companies drops, but there are a few Health insurance companies willing to accept new applicants over 65 years old.
(Annual Premium rates depend on your age, premiums are adjusted annually with inflation and rise as you get older.);
9. If you are below the age of 65, we can offer choices from 10 different health insurance companies. For those over the age of 65, we can offer choices from 3 health insurance companies.

Choosing a health insurance policy is not difficult.
Have a look at the attached document for more detailed information.
All insurance companies have several plans to choose from.
The cheapest plans will only cover you for In-patient treatment; where you have to stay overnight at a hospital.
In-patient treatments are where the largest expenses will occur.
Certain In-patient plans will also cover you for limited Out-patient treatment following an In-patient stay.
Unlimited Out-patient cover is included in the more expensive plans.
In Thailand, Out-patient treatment is still relatively inexpensive; so it is really up to you if you feel you need this level of cover.
If you plan on moving to a different country or travel fairly often, then the Out-patient cover should be treated with greater importance.
Even if you don’t have any budget concerns about the cost of health insurance, I do not reccomend choosing the most expensive plans.
The very expensive plans have very few benefits that you will actually be able to take advantage of in real situations.
You pay lots more but receive very little extra benefits in return.
I will send brochures of various companies to help you compare.

International health insurance companies offer high levels of cover, sufficient to pay the majority of hospital bills.
All the companies I represent are widely accepted at major hospitals.
The cheaper range of plans offered by a few companies offer good-value-for-money; but you have to realize the limited level of cover is going to come short when the medical costs are high.
Be prepared to pay a portion of the hospital charges when claims exceed policy limits.


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