Home Insurance in Thailand

House and Condominium
1.Both Homeowners and renters can purchase this insurance.
2.Owners will find that a bank only requires them to insure the amount outstanding on the mortgage. Purchasing additional insurance to cover the rest of your house and belongings is worthwhile if you suffer a catastrophic loss.
3.Even if you rent a house, you are exposing yourself to a risk of loss. If the house is damaged or destroyed. You will have to compensate the owner for his loss.
4.Fire, windstorm, earthquake, water damage, land slide, bushfire…etc.
5.Most policies include some burglary cover and additional cover is available.
6.Electrical injury to appliances.
7.Personal liability cover against third party claims in your house.
8.Repairs to burglar’s point of entry.
9.Allowance for temporary accommodation while your house is being repaired.
10.Fire insurance alone, costs 0.15% premium for the insured value of the house.
11.Burglary insurance for additional high-value items, costs 1.5% of the sum insured.

Chartis home insurance application & information

BKK home insurance application & information

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