Health Insurance

Bangkok Insurance Brokers offers a wide variety of  health insurances, multiple plan choices from a selection of more than 10 insurance companies. Send us your details and we will send information to help you choose the best cover to match your needs and budget.

Health Insurance overview (Annual Premium rates depend on your age, premiums are adjusted annually with inflation and rise as you get older.);

  1. Health insurance guarantees that you receive emergency medical treatment when you are unable to communicate or unconscious. Insurance premiums spread out your medical expenses over a longer period in your life so Health-care in your later years, becomes more affordable in cases if you are critically ill.
  2. In addition to sickness claims, health insurances also cover treatment for accidental injuries.
  3. International plans for worldwide “On-the-move” expatriates.
  4. International plans for residents of Thailand.
  5. Even the cheapest Thai health insurance offers world-wide cover, but be aware that low policy limits may not cover all medical costs outside Thailand.
  6. Many health insurances offer either no cover in the USA or limited cover in the USA.
  7. Policies can include a deductible to reduce premiums. This means, you pay up to the first 100 to 5,000 USD, after which the insurance company pays everything. Be aware that deductibles can be applied 2 different ways. Some insurance companies apply the deductible once-a-year and some insurance companies apply the deductible for each-claim-and-each-year. If you don’t have any claims, you save some premium; but if you are sick, you will definitely lose more than you saved on the premium.
  8. The majority of health insurances only cover treatable sickness and not chronic conditions. Any sickness that cannot be cured is normally not covered.
  9. Not all health insurances include Emergency evacuation and Repatriation.
  10. Inexpensive polices can include co-payment to reduce premiums. You will be responsible for 10% – 20% of the medical expenses beyond basic limits.
  11. Under Thai insurance regulations, insurance premiums may be adjusted if you have excessively high claims. Don’t be surprised if your health insurance renewal premium is increased by 10% – 25%. This is because several Thai insurance companies base their insurance premium rates on healthy people that have relatively minimal claims.
  12. Annual policy limits range from 100,000 Baht up to 93 Million Baht.
  13. A choice of guaranteed renewals at published rates for international health insurance or reduced premiums without guarantees on premium increases.
  14. As you become older, the choice of insurance companies drops; there are a few Health insurance companies willing to accept new applicants over 65 years old…..and even one up to age 80.
  15. Not all insurance companies offer cover for life. Some stop renewals at age 65, some at higher ages. Certain health insurance companies will offer life-time renewal if you apply before a certain age; once you have passed that age on application, there is a strict age limit for renewals.
  16. The key feature to understand with health insurance is a term called Pre-existing conditions. Most insurance companies will not cover you for a condition or illness that you had before starting the health policy. There are exceptions to this rule. The best way to protect yourself is with a medical check-up on application of any new insurance.