The future of health insurance

Is the future of health insurance in the hands of the insurance companies?

Do customers have any control over the future of their health insurance?

Yes you do! ………….please read on.

I have published my ideas on health insurance to expand our understanding of health insurance and the problems we are faced with because of a combination of factors.


Health insurance is a legitimate business that normally generates modest profit.


1. Not all health insurance companies are equal and not all are well managed companies.

2. I have seen one highly reputable international health insurance company that has been in business for over 40 years, increase premiums by 50% in one year.

3. I have also seen a very large health insurance company close because of poor financial management and market trends that were beyond the control of management.

4. I have seen a renewing health insurance policy-holder faced with a 300% premium increase on renewal of their policy.

5. I have seen policy-holders led to believe that they are insured by an insurance company registered in a country with strong insurance regulations, when in fact the insurance company is registered in a different country with lax insurance regulations. And on top of this, many brokers selling this type of insurance are not aware of this discrepancy.

6. I have witnessed thousands of unsuspecting policy-holders lose their health insurance after many years of continuous cover when a reputable international health insurance company refused to renew their policy.

Some questions to ask your broker:

How do you know that you are insured by a reliable and trustworthy company that will offer good service?

What can you do to take control and help to prevent future problems?


Is there is a solution to the ever-increasing insurance premiums?

The solution is very simple to implement.

Using a method I have already proposed to several insurance companies, customers can be assured of a reliable health insurance that does not have run-away price increases.

Customers will be rewarded for using their health insurance in a prudent manner.

Hospitals will be rewarded for quality health care at the right price.

Insurance companies will see their loss-ratios remain stable without the need to increase premiums at ridiculous rates.

How is all this possible?

Send me a message and I will share my ideas with you.


Join me in my quest for a new type of health insurance:

Please take the time to read all the information I have written on health insurance. Alert your friends and colleagues to this website and ask them to share this information with others. The more people that are aware of this information, the faster we can instigate fundamental changes to the health insurance we all rely on. Anyone that can send me their thoughts or provide ideas is welcome to do so. My goal is to assemble a large enough group of people that share the same ideas I do on health insurance. Once we have a large enough group of people, I will be able to ask cooperating insurance companies to offer an insurance policy to match the requirements of this group of people.

To-date, insurance companies are in the habit of first designing health insurance products and then, marketing them to the public. I plan to do something different…I plan on doing it back-to-front. I will take all the independent ideas of potential customers and compile them. I will then ask insurance companies to design a health insurance to match the needs of these customers.


Please be so kind to send me your comments, I will read all of them and do my best to incorporate them into a new health insurance that will be offered by E & I Insurance Broker Company. Together, we can help each other.