We reccomend health check-ups

Notes on health check-ups:

  1. Any applicant aged 40 or more should agree to a voluntary medical check-up.
  2. Applicants under the age of 40 do not need to take a check-up, but it is always recommended.
  3. Check-up results do not have to be sent to the insurance company or broker. The customer keeps the results and only refers to them if there is a claim dispute.
  4. Check-ups can be done at any hospital.
  5. Check-ups are a valuable tool in helping the customer when there is a dispute in a claim with the insurance company in the first year of the policy.
    1. Hypothetical situation. The customer is treated by a doctor that makes a mistake in diagnosis of the customer’s medical condition.
    2. If the doctor mistakenly declares the medical condition is pre-dating the start-date of the policy, the insurance company has to deny payment of the claim based on the medical information provided.
    3. If the customer has the results of a medical check-up (taken at the start of the policy) and these results dispute the mistaken diagnosis of the treating doctor, the customer has a good chance the insurance company will agree to a second doctor’s diagnosis to review the claim and pay.
  6. The positive benefits of a check-up far outweigh the negative aspects. Annual check-ups are a part of normal healthy life. Early detection of a medical condition is always to the benefit of that person.
  7. Avoiding medical check-ups will not help the customer. Check-up or no check-up; if the customer has a pre-existing medical condition, even if there is no medical record at a hospital, the insurance company has to rely on the results of the treating doctor to state when this condition was present. You are relying on the treating doctor to asses you condition. The treating doctor has to make an educated guess to when this condition first manifested itself. The doctor can easily make a mistake. A medical check-up eliminates the chance of a mistake.
  8. It is next to impossible for a claim to be paid because of a combination of mistakes;
    1. The customer was honestly and completely unaware of this pre-existing condition.
    2. The treating doctor misdiagnoses when the medical condition first manifested itself.
    3. The consulting doctor of the insurance company concurs with the misdiagnosis of the treating doctor.
    4. Brokers that do not recommend medical check-ups to customers are misleading the customer into thinking a hidden (hidden from the broker and insurance company) pre-existing condition will be covered by insurance in the future.
  9. A full check-up will include the following tests:
    1. Physical Examination
    2. CBC Blood test
    3. Fasting Blood Sugar
    4. Cholesterol
    5. Triglyceride
    6. HDH and LDL tests
    7. Kidney function tests; BUN and Creatine
    8. Liver function tests; SGOT, SGPT. Alk. Phos.
    9. Uric acid
    10. Urine examination
    11. Stool examination
    12. Chest X-ray
    13. EKG
    14. EST
    15. Abdomen ultrasound