Automobile and Motorcycle Insurance

Automobile and Motorcycle insurance quotes can be sent by email.


All you have to do is to send us a copy of your vehicle registration.


Scan and email a copy of the registration to our contact email address.

E & I Brokers offers a variety of vehicle insurances, see list below:

1. First class comprehensive cover. Fully comprehensive, First class; Pays for everything, including the repair costs for damages to your own vehicle

2. Second class insurance. In addition to Third party cover, this covers your vehicle if it damaged by fire or stolen

3. Third-party only insurance cover. pays for compensation and medical expenses (Up to 1 million per person) to others and damages to their vehicles. This policy also includes a Bail Bond if the driver accidentally kills another person or seriously injures them.

4. Two-plus-one cover (Second class insurance with limited cover for own vehicle damage if you are at fault).

5. Three-plus-one cover (Third-party only cover with limited cover for own vehicle damage if you are at fault).

6. Compulsory insurance cover (CTPL insurance, the minimum needed to be legal on the road and renew your vehicle registration). Minimal cover required to legal on the road in Thailand. Provides up to 80,000 Baht medical cover and 300,000 Baht death/disability compensation to third parties involved in accidents. Does not keep you out of Jail or pay for damages to other vehicles.

Basic motor vehicle insurance overview

(The absolute minimum you should know)

  1. You must call the insurance company without delay any time there is an accident or claim. Call the one of the Emergency numbers indicated on your policy. This insurance policy is only in force when the driver acts in good faith.
  2. The insurance company will arrange for repairs to your damaged vehicle. It is the right of the insurance company to use their contracted garage to control repair costs. You do not have the right to repair the vehicle at your choice of garage and expect the insurance company to automatically refund you in full.
  3. You must show proof of holding a driver’s license (Thai, International or Foreign license is okay) whenever there is an accident or claim on your policy. Anyone with a driver’s license is covered by the Auto insurance policy.
  4. If you sell your vehicle and transfer ownership, you must inform the insurance company so an endorsement can be issued for the new owner.
  5. This insurance is for private use only. The vehicle may not be covered when the insurance company finds out you have rented your vehicle.
  6. Read your insurance policy in full. If you do not understand something, ask questions.
  7. To cancel the policy, you must give written notice and return all policy documents to the insurance company without delay.
  8. General exclusions:
    1. Use of the vehicle outside the territory (Thailand) covered, unless an endorsement is issued by the company.
    2. Use of the vehicle for illegal purposes.
    3. Use of the vehicle for racing.
    4. Use of the vehicle for pushing, towing or while being towed.
    5. Damages caused by any person of a garage when the vehicle is being repaired, except when the insurance company has given written authorization or consented to such a repair.
    6. Liability assumed under an agreement made by the driver outside of the scope of this insurance policy.
    7. Accidents caused by an intoxicated person driving the vehicle with blood/alcohol content over the legal limit.


C T P L Insurance Compulsory Traffic Public Liability Insurance

(Commonly known in Thai as Por Lor Bor Insurance)

Instant cover in the event of an Automobile, Van, Truck or Motorcycle accident

According to the motor vehicle injuries act of 2535, anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident is covered for losses and medical expenses. This cover is for all persons; in or outside a vehicle, both drivers and passengers, owners of vehicles or pedestrians.

Guaranteed 30,000 Baht for everyone

Not just 3rd parties, everyone is covered for the first 30,000 Baht towards medical expenses as a result of an accident. This benefit is paid within 7 days of request. You do not have to wait for any investigation to find out who is at fault. The following limits apply:

Actual medical expenses not exceeding 80,000 Baht per person, except the driver causing the accident (basic limit 30,000 Baht).

35,000 Baht towards funeral costs in the event of a death.

Maximum 65,000 Baht in the event of a death after initial medical treatment.

200 Baht a day compensation for maximum 20 days if victim is an inpatient at hospital after an accident.

Personal Accident cover limit 300,000 Baht (death or dismemberment or total permanent disability).

As a result of an accident with a CTPL insured vehicle, the total benefits including the basic guaranteed benefits are as follows:

80,000 Baht towards Medical expenses (This includes the initial 30,000 Bt)

300,000 Baht payable for death.

200,000 -300,000 Baht payable for loss of limbs/eyesight or total permanent disability.

Who has to have CTPL insurance?

  • Vehicle owners and persons buying a vehicle on installments.
  • Owners of foreign registered vehicles that import them for use in Thailand.

Without a current CTPL insurance, you are fully responsible and liable to be fined.

Vehicle owners who do not have a current CTPL insurance involved in an accident that causes injuries or death are liable for all losses and claims. If the vehicle owner refuses to pay, the CTPL fund will pay the initial benefits on behalf of the vehicle owner, later the vehicle owner has to repay the CTPL fund. Repayment to the CTPL fund is for the full amount outstanding amount, plus a 20% surcharge.

Vehicle owners or persons responsible for vehicles that are under installment financing are exposing themselves to the risk of a 10,000 Baht fine if they do not have a current CTPL insurance for their vehicles. Any person who uses a vehicle that does not have current CTPL insurance is also liable to the same 10,000 Baht fine; they do not have to be the owner. These fines can be combined or applied separately,

What do you do when an accident occurs?

Immediately after an accident occurs or if you witness an accident, take the injured persons to the nearest hospital or medical center for treatment. You do not have to worry about the medical expenses, just provide the following information:

  1. The injury is from an accident involving vehicles.
  2. Check the policy of the vehicle that caused the accident.
    1. Does this vehicle have a current CTPL insurance?
    2. Insurance company name.
    3. Insurance policy number.