Inbound travel insurance to Thailand

Dear Customers,

This travel Insurance is only available to visitors traveling to Thailand. If you have already left your home country, you can purchase this insurance after arriving in Thailand. This insurance is available from travel counters located in major hotels or from our authorized agent. Click here for contact details.

If you are a resident of Thailand, please go to the E & I Insurance Broker website for information on health and personal accident insurances available. Click on this link:

Travel insurance conditions:

  • This insurance is only valid in Thailand. It expires as soon as you leave Thailand before the end-date of the policy.
  • This insurance is only available to visitors, not residents of Thailand.
  • One policy per person, no family or group policies are available at this time.
  • One complete signed application form per person is required.
  • Applicants must be between ages 1 year to 69 years on application date.
  • The application form has to be sent to the agent by fax or scan and email.
  • Proof of payment must be sent with all applications. No policy will be issued for any application that does not have proof of   payment.
  • No policy will be issued for any application with incomplete payment.
  • Please print information clearly in English. Mistakes caused by poor writing will cause spelling mistakes in policies. Thai Health Insurance cannot pay claims for policies with the wrong information.
  • Application date and policy start-date cannot be the same day. The policy start-date is always one day after application date.
  • Policy is only effective when the Thai Health Insurance company issues a policy for you. Your application form is not proof of cover.
  • Policy will be emailed to the address indicated on the application form.
  • Policy wording can be downloaded and printed from the Documents section of the travel insurance website, or here.

The Thai Health Insurance Company PCL.

The Travel Insurance we offer is underwritten by the Thai Health Insurance Public Company Limited. E & I Insurance Brokers has sold insurance for Thai Health Insurance for over 10 years. Thai Health Insurance is a reliable company that pays all valid claims. Thai Health Insurance is a member of the Thai Life Insurance group of companies. Thai Health Insurance established in 1979. Thai Health Insurance offers many different health insurances in addition to inbound and outbound travel insurance.

How to apply for this insurance:

  • Contact your agent by fax or email before sending application and payment.
  • To track payment, you are required to clearly indicate your printed name on the bank payment document that is referenced to your insurance application.
  • An application form has to be filled in and sent to the agent with proof of payment.
  • Payment must be made from any branch of the Kasikorn Bank within Thailand.
  • Bank transfers from other banks outside Thailand are not accepted.
  • Applications without payment confirmation of payment will not be processed.
  • Bank payment slip can be sent from the Kasikorn Bank, ask the bank staff to fax this document.
  • Policy will be emailed to you the next day after your application has been received.
  • If you do not receive the policy in one day, contact the E & I Insurance Broker office.
Who can buy travel insurance?Thai Health travel insurance can be purchased by all persons visiting Thailand.

  • Individual travelers.
  • Families.
  • Small and large groups.
  • Tourists or people on business trips.
  • Adults and children, anyone aged 1 year to 69 years.
  • People from any country.
  • Anyone that already has a travel insurance policy.
What are the advantages of the Thai Health travel insurance?

  • Anyone that has already purchased a travel insurance policy can benefit from this insurance because the claims procedure is simplified.
  • Customers do not have to contact an insurance company in another country.
  • No overseas calls or emails are needed and no communication delays due to being in different time zones.
  • Customers can call the Thai Health Insurance office in Bangkok to get help when they need medical treatment at more than 200 hospitals in Thailand.
Our Thailand-only Inbound Travel Insurance offer

  • 1 million Baht cover for medical expenses due to accidents or sickness.
  • 1 million Baht cover for accidental death or disability.
  • 1 million USD for Worldwide Emergency Assistance, Evacuation/Repatriation.
  • Maximum 31 days cover per policy.
  • 1,500 Baht premium per policy, one policy per person

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