Why use a broker?

Advantages of using an insurance broker:

  1. Insurance brokers save you time and money; just like an accountant or lawyer that provides you with professional advice. Brokers have already read the fine-print, so will speed up the process of finding the most appropriate policy.
  2. Buying health insurance through a broker is normally easier than buying direct.
  3. Brokers are far more efficient in cross-checking policies than consumers. Brokers are also good at educating consumers, explaining types of cover and answering questions.
  4. Brokers pre-qualify insurance companies so customers can avoid future problems. We short-list preferred insurance companies to offer clients (17 insurance companies out of 69).
  5. Brokers know which insurance companies have a poor service record.
  6. Brokers research insurance companies. The disastrous floods of 2011 was ranked number 4 in terms of world-wide insurance claims payments. Many Thai insurance companies have financial problems because of this disaster………..we know which ones to avoid.
  7. Brokers review insurance offers and help customers save on premiums without worrying about a reduction of benefits; customers get better value-for-money when they use a broker.
  8. Brokers help customers choose the insurance policy that best meets their requirements, we don’t accept insufficient limits when more are available. Brokers will ensure that you are not paying for more cover than you require.
  9. Brokers help customers avoid costly mistakes because of the failure to read the fine-print.
  10. Brokers make sure insurance companies treat all customers fairly. Without sufficient experience, you will never know if you have received bad service.
  11. Brokers help to bridge the language gap and improve communications between customers and insurance companies.
  12. Brokers help customers with the legal process involving the Office of Insurance Commission if there is a claim dispute.
  13. Brokers offer impartial advice and educate customers on many facets of the insurance they need.
  14. Our service is free. Brokers do not charge customers for their service.

Why Use A Health Insurance Broker?

Not everyone is familiar with health insurance, and understands what they need. No matter what your budget is for health insurance, an insurance broker can help you pick out the plan that is right for you. They can span different health insurance companies and pick out the most likely plans you need, or help you customize a plan.

Some people are cautious about working with a health insurance broker, thinking they will cost a lot of money. This is simply not true. They are there to work with you. No matter what plan you choose, they are paid by the insurance company.

Using a health insurance broker costs nothing extra. You would pay the same rates if you went and looked at options on your own instead of through a broker. The difference is that you’ll have someone on your side helping you pick the right plan. You could even save lots of money, because the broker can help you pick a plan and figure out exactly what you need.

How To Pick The Right Health Insurance Broker?

Talk with other individuals about who they use. Especially talk to people who are insured through a broker that have the same needs as you do. For example, if you have a family of four to insure, talk with people with families and whom they use for a broker.

Asking your friends for recommendations are always a great way to find a good insurance broker with a good reputation and has experience with your particular situation.

If you can’t seem to find someone with recommendations, start with an Internet search. Talk to a few different brokers to see if you can find someone compatible. Explain your situation and ask for recommendations from each broker. See which one makes the most sense to you and ask them for customer references.

Every country has an organization that keeps a list of insurance brokers, including information on any complaints against them. You can also check online for complaints against any insurance broker. In Thailand, the Office of Insurance Commission is in control of all aspects of the insurance industry. Every province in Thailand has a local branch OIC office.

What To Expect When You Work With A Health Insurance Broker?

While working with a health insurance broker, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make. The broker will be able to explain all your options to you. A health insurance broker is more valuable to you if he cooperates with a wide range of insurance companies. There are many insurance companies offering health insurance, but not all offer good service.

You’ll go through probably the more common list of variables that you pick through when finding the right insurance. You might start with the premium, the amount you would pay out each year/month for health insurance. Your broker should also explain the different deductibles and plan options that are available.

You should also check out the coverage limits. This is probably where the more confusing part of picking a plan comes in. A health insurance broker will be able to advise you on customary medical costs in your region so you have a good idea about what amount of insurance you require. This is the amount that the health insurance will actually pay out. You should look at current risk factors, just as much as unexpected emergencies.

Your broker is also your local representative from the health insurance company. A broker assists customers in case you need further assistance. A competent health insurance broker will speed up the process of settling claims that are disputed by the insurance company.


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